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See the world through a baby’s eyes

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 04-04-2007

Your baby starts learning about mom, dad, and every little thing
that it perceives soon after birth. Babies are born with an almost insatiable sense of curiosity
that makes them explore and experiment with everything they can see, touch, feel and so on. As an
adult you inhabit a completely different world from the one your baby perceives. You might find it
delightful to learn how to see the world through your baby’s eyes.

While it may not be
possible to strike the right chord to enable communication with your baby right away, here are some
tips to help you along the way.

  • Babies have a keen sense of hearing. They
    are most likely to respond to your efforts to communicate if you speak to them softly. Harsh sounds,
    noise etc. will certainly scare them and make it so much harder to communicate. Speak to your baby
    softly, never in a loud voice.
  • Babies will cry quite often. This is their
    way of communicating. So when your baby is crying, it is actually trying to tell you something. Be
    alive to the cues your baby is sending when it is crying and gradually you will be able to
    understand what your baby is trying to communicate.
  • Babies are attracted to
    When you talk to your baby, try to be lively, make facial gestures and use hand movements
    to engage your baby’s attention.

Do you have any special baby communication experiences to
share? Please use the Post a Comment link to share your tips