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Ten Parenting Tips for New Twins

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 02-11-2007

A new baby in the house means a whole lot of fun. On the flipside, it also means a whole lot of work. In the case of twins, this means not just double the fun but also double the work.


Here are some tips especially meant for parents of twins:

  • Work as a pair: Generally, one of the parents—typically the mom, but it could be the dad—takes over the majority of parenting chores. With twins however, it often becomes necessary for both parents to share duties more or less equally.

  • Alternate between both: Do not go in for an arrangement where each spouse looks after chores related to only one of the twins. Alternate, so both parents get to handle both of the twins.

  • Determine a schedule: Juggling ‘sleep, eat, and play’ routines for two new babies can be both, chaotic and exhausting. Getting your twins accustomed to a fixed routine makes your work easier—and is good for them too.

  • Have names that sound distinct: This is an obvious point that often gets overlooked. Parents often give twins similar sounding names. While this sounds cute, it can lead to confusion.

  • Dress them differently: Not just identical twins, all infants can look startlingly similar. Dressing twins differently helps to tell them apart and, at times, may help prevent unnecessary, or even grave, confusion.

  • Be vigilant for infections: Twins spend most of their time together and thus are more than likely to contract infections from each other. If either of your twins seems unwell, be on your guard against the likelihood of the other one catching the ‘bug’ too.

  • Accept friendly help: As parents of twins, you may receive well-meaning offers of help from relatives, friends, or well-wishers. If so, accept them, at least some of the time.

  • Employ professional help: Employing a nanny is one way you could make the job of bringing up twins a bit easier.

  • Interact with them: Parents often assume that twins can be safely left together to play with each other. While this is largely true, it does not mean that you can do away with the need for parental interaction. Remember to find the time to interact and play with your twins.

  • Identify their individuality: Your twins do not necessarily have to share a lot between them—apart from their birthdays that is. Learn to know them as individuals and treat them so.