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What To Do in Case of Fire

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 06-11-2007

Gather your children. Leave your home right away. Forget about
what you’re wearing. Don’t grab valuables. Just get your family out.

Never open a door that feels hot. A hot door may mean a fire is
blazing on the other side. If you open the door, you could be killed by the
heat and smoke. Try another escape route. Or call for help.

In a smoky area, crawl on the floor. Smoke tends to rise. It will be
thinnest near the floor. Never use an elevator. Elevators may fill with hot
air and smoke. And the fire may damage the cable or operating machinery.

If your clothing catches fire, “stop, drop and roll.” Don’t run.
Running will make the fire worse. Instead, drop to the ground and cover
your face with your hands. Roll to put out the fire. If it’s your child’s
clothing, roll him on the ground. Or wrap him in a coat or blanket to put out the fire.

Plan escape routes

Plan ahead for how your
family would escape in
case of fire. You need to
plan ahead to avoid panic.

Find at least two escape routes from each room, especially the bedrooms.
A door will provide one path. A window may provide another. For upstairs
windows, you may need to keep a ladder or rope within easy reach.

If you use a dead-bolt lock on doors, keep the key in the lock or hanging
nearby. You don’t want to spend time looking for it in case of a fire.

Make sure escape windows unlock and open easily. Learn how to remove
screens and safety bars.

If you live in an apartment, find the fire exits and the fire escape. Don’t
plan on using an elevator.

Find a spot to meet outside. This could be a tree or a streetlight. Here is
where the family will check in.

Show children pictures of firefighters. Explain that they are helpers. Their
masks could frighten children and cause them to panic.

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