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Advice for dads: Sunscreen for kids

P { margin: 0px; } As a dad, you need to worry about your kid's sensitive skin, especially if it is sunny where you live. Applying sunscreen is a solution, but far easier said than done when you are dealing with a restless toddler. Click here to read about a spray-on sunscreen for your baby.

Baby car seats: Advice for dads

P { margin: 0px; } You'll need a car seat right from the day you take your baby home from the hospital. Not only is it stipulated by law, but statistics of car accidents also designate car seats as important for safety. An ideal time to start shopping for a car seat is when your wife is six to eight months pregnant. Click here all the info you n ...read more

Music player for kids

P { margin: 0px; } Now dads and kids can each have their gizmos. Fisher Price has come out with a Kid Tough FP3 Player that is kid friendly and plays hundreds of songs. It also includes an SD card slot for expandable memory. Click here to read about it.

Five Magic Tricks Every Dad Should Know

Any dad worth his salt should know at least one good magic trick to show his kids. Teaching kids to do magic tricks on their own is great fun and they can spend hours on these tricks, especially if they can really mystify adults and their friends. The challenge is finding magic tricks for kids that will motivate them to practice so they actu ...read more

60 Second Review – RainForest Cafe for Kids

P { margin: 0px; } 60 Second Review - OKAY, if you must, but keep your (adult) expectations low.   There's no question about it - the RainForest Cafe is a sensory overload experience, especially if you've already spent the day with a couple of kids. While, amazingly, you will see couples out on what looks to be a date, this is clearly a b ...read more

Kids and Mexico City

P { margin: 0px; } I saw a good article on traveling with kids to Mexico City in the New York Times. I love Mexico City. The food is fantastic, better and different than any Mexican restaurant I'd ever been to in the United States. The people are warm and friendly. The architecture is European in style and beautiful. And the museums are spectacu ...read more

Ages to start a musical instrument with a child

Here's a bonding idea for you: learn to play a musical instrument along with your child. I'm not saying it's a good idea, but it might work in your house. In our case, I put off beginning piano lessons until my daughter turned five, now a year ago. Apparently, five is the age when kids should start piano, unless they have exhibited Mozart- ...read more

Wallace and Gromit and Curious George reviewed

P { margin: 0px; } This was an all-kids-movies-all-the-time weekend, with multiple viewings of Wallace and Gromit (now available at Netflix.com) and an actual movie theatre experience to see Curious George. Curious George is recommended by Common Sense Media, which I've recommended before as a good source for "family-friendly" reviews. Wallace a ...read more

Kids, Movies, and Common Sense

P { margin: 0px; } Last night, while the wife was working late, my 20 month-old and six year-old got in bed and watched Home Alone 2. Not only was it not as good as the original (surprise!), but it was peppered with references to prostitution and drunkenness, as well as constant references to killing the little kid. In my opinion, without being ...read more

Great dad magic!

P { margin: 0px; } Magic is a very special thing. It combines three key elements for strong relationships: mystery, faith, and secrets. Kids will always amaze you by their gullibility and convincing them of anything is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. When they ask incredulously, "how did you do that?" and you reply, "it's magic," you may ...read more

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