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Best Parenting Advice – Part III

Paul Banas
Author Paul Banas
Submitted 16-05-2008

In the last article of this series, we bring you the best parenting advice that we compiled from readers over the years. To read the previous articles, click Best Parenting Advice – Part I and Best Parenting Advice – Part II.

Parenting Advice #13: Don’t drink and drive.

Reality bites, but having kids teaches you a few things. First, you don’t ever ever want to have something happen to your family. Second, you don’t want to get hurt and not be able to care for your family. Third, you don’t want to lose your license and have to make up a lame excuse to your school carpool buddies. Fourth, think of how mad you’d be if you realized how many other people are drinking and driving on the same streets where your kids play.

Parenting Advice #14: Carry your toddlers.

Put them on your shoulders or on your back every day, if your back can take it. The time that you can do that with them is very very short, and it’s one of the best memories kids have of their dads from their toddler years.

Parenting Advice #15: Use your watch.

The best way to occupy a bored kid is to hand him your second hand-equipped watch and start peppering him or her with challenges. How long can you stand on one leg? Hold your breath? Keep your eyes open without blinking? Sing the National Anthem/? The list is endless. It keeps them occupied and calms them down.

Parenting Advice #16: NEVER hit your child. Period.

Parenting Advice #17: Quit smoking dope.

Arlo Guthrie said he quit smoking pot when he had kids and realized that he didn’t want to be high if something ever happened to a child and he had to figure out how to get help. It sounds uncool to say, but drugs and kids don’t mix.


Parenting Advice #18: Kiss your child every day and say “I love you.”

Say these 2 things every day to your child: “I love you” and “I’m proud of you.” It’s a short list with an endless payoff. (Thanks to David George and “Good Bad/Bad Dad.”)

Want more great parenting advice? Read Best Parenting Advice – Part I and Best Parenting Advice – Part II.

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