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What is the chance our dog will devour the baby when we’re not looking?

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 08-09-2011

For many couples, a puppy can be the baby of the family for years – until, of course, a real child comes along. Suddenly Rover isn't the center of attention anymore, and you might be wondering if you can even trust your pooch around the new addition to your family. Is it safe for kids and dogs to share a household?

Kids are curious – which means they can be tail-yankers, ear-pullers and even back-sitters when it comes to pets. Some dogs don't take well to this kind of playfulness, but other breeds will simply look on with detached resignation as children poke and prod them.

According to GoPetsAmerica.com, breeds that are excellent with kids include golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, boxers and beagles.

Will your dog eat your child when you're not looking? Not likely! Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and they tend to have an innate trust and love for their human families – including the littlest members. In fact, your dog may even save your child's life by barking when he or she is in danger or fending off wildlife that roams into the backyard. However, if your pooch does display any violent tendencies, before or after the birth of your child, immediately remove the dog from around the baby until you determine next steps, perhaps with the help of an expert. While we all love our pets, the only thing that should be guiding your decision should be the safety of your baby.