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Parent’s Role in Home Security

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 21-06-2011

If you’re lucky enough to become a parent, you’ll know that
your child’s safety becomes one of your top priorities. From safety gates to ensuring that they’re
not coming home from parties by themselves, your role as the adult of the household is to ensure
that they benefit from your protection, without compromising their freedom unreasonably.

When it comes to home security, it’s crucial to plan for every
eventuality, and there are
various aspects of your house that you will have to consider before beginning your investment in
home security. Some of them won’t be immediately apparent and a few of them tie into any home
security plan. Research your home security options online.

Windows are one of the primary
methods by which a burglar can enter your home, and it’s important to remember that it’s also a
favorite escape route for unruly teenagers who’ve been prevented from
out that night. Double or Triple-glazed windows and locks can help with this, and it’s fine to give
your child the keys, but make sure they lock them nightly and understand the reasons behind your

Security cameras are also a common security measure, but children moving into
adolescence are going to feel somewhat uncomfortable with security cameras all over the house, so
you’ll need to consider the trade-off between having a secure recording of the goings-on in their
bedroom and allowing them some privacy. However, you can place a camera outside their bedroom
window, as this solves both problems.

Talking to your children about having people over
while you’re gone is also incredibly important, as many a child’s Facebook party has been invaded by
those with ill intentions; such is the viral nature of the internet. Ensuring that they understand
why it is important not to compromise the security of your home is an important lesson that they can
then implement themselves when they move out, and perhaps when they have children of their own they
will pass on what you have taught them.

If treated with the right level of respect, a
child can become a valued ally who will assist in the upkeep of your home security system. They will
feel safer and more protected, and if you respect their privacy and ensure they understand and don’t
feel claustrophobic due to the reasons for precautions that they may feel are excessive, you’ll find
they’re a lot more agreeable and respectful of your wishes.

This article was brought to
you by Securitychoice.com – an ADT security systems
authorized dealer