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Guard your baby against accidents

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 13-11-2006

In the first year of life, your child will show some astonishing development as he/she transforms from a helpless, totally dependent baby into a curious and animated bundle of energy. As your infant grows, you as the parent will have your hands full ensuring that he/she stays out of harm’s way. Left unattended, it is easy for an infant to hurt himself/herself, even within the safe confines of your house.


A little common sense, combined with watchfulness, can go a long way in protecting your child against such accidents. See the chart below on how you can guard your baby against the common accidents children are prone to when they are younger than a year old.



  • Choking:







Any item small enough for babies to hold in their palms may end up choking them and should be kept out of their reach.

Avoid giving your baby toys with parts that can be pried loose or torn and bitten off.

Ensure that your infant’s food is cut into pieces small enough for him/her to handle.

Be extra cautious with round and hard food items such as candy or cookies. Popcorn, grapes, peanut butter, hotdogs are all harmful for young children and should not be given to them.

Avoid wearing jewelry that could be swallowed by your baby.



  • Suffocation:



Don’t let your baby sleep in soft, lumpy pillows or comforters. Instead use a firm mattress that fits securely into the crib.

If you smoke, avoid doing so in your house or around your baby.



  • Drowning:




Never leave your baby alone in a bathtub; just a few inches of water is enough to drown an infant.
Never leave your baby unattended around water sources such as toilets, pools, swimming pool, spas and Jacuzzis.
Always keep bathtubs, buckets and other containers empty.



  • Burns:







Have comfortable and flame retarding sleepwear for children.

Never juggle hot water, beverages or food while carrying your child.

Keep water heaters down to 120 F.
Install smoke detectors in your home and check the batteries regularly.

Keep children away from stoves at all times; as a precaution ensure that pot handles are turned away from the edge of the stove.



  • Falls:




Never leave your baby unattended on tables, chairs, sofas or beds.
Ensure guards on all windows.

Install gates on stairways.

Ensure that the crib has high side rails.



  • Road accidents:




Always use a car seat while driving with your baby, even while driving him/her from the hospital.
Never let the baby sit in the front seat having an air bag.
Go in for car seats that are approved by the government and buy new to avoid getting a defective piece.