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Original and Easy Mother’s Day Gifts for Clueless Men

Author Lilly Gordon
Submitted 06-04-2011

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and you don’t have a clue what to get the most important woman in your life. (Your own Mother is still important, but you can still get away with a “Free Hug” coupon even though you’re 37.) Before you slap the plastic down on the florist’s counter again, think about all your partner has done for you. Really get those cogs a’turning and mentally calculate the effort she exudes running the household, raising the kids and possibly even maintaining a career outside the home. The “I heart Mom” coffee mug probably isn’t going to say “I am in awe of everything you do.” And that’s what your Mother’s Day gift should say. Leave the flowers, handprints and goofy cards to the kids; this year, get her something that will make her eyes well up with tears of joy; the gift that’s going to be impossible to top, but worth every penny.

  1. Garden in Bloom: As an alternative to the lazy man’s gift of flowers, why not get your gardening goddess some beautiful perennials and plant them for her? Any landscaping company or greenhouse can source out an expert to let you know exactly which plants will work in your yard. Container gardening is hot for busy Moms who have a green-thumb but don’t have the time to reap and sow. An herb garden chock full of her favorite flavors will be a treat for the whole family.
  2. Photo Books: With the plethora of photo book companies advertising online, it shouldn’t be hard to find a relatively inexpensive option for a fantastic photo book for your wife. All you need to do is navigate the mouse and your wife’s hard drive, find her photos folder and start uploading. You could even go the extra step and scan some photos in if you’re a keener. Compile a photo book of striking and beautiful shots of your wife; your wedding day, a day at the beach, playing with the kids. Then write some flowery, loving captions and let her know how beautiful and valuable you think she truly is. The final product is professional looking and impressive enough to make anyone delighted.
  3. Send Her Packing: Sure, a gift card to her favorite clothing store is always appreciated, but also kind of lame. This year, call your local mall and some near-by boutiques and find a personal shopper. Purchase a gift card for the mall, make lunch reservations for her and a friend and send her on her way. You and the kids can hang while she’s out getting dolled up.  She gets a day of glamor while you get out of shopping; it’s the perfect crime.
  4. Relax and Decompress: No Mom is going to balk at a spa day. A certificate for a spa is cool. A spa day package for and a friend is even cooler. Some spas have discounts for purchase like this so you may luck out (or, you might pay through the nose.) The point is, your wife deserves a break and she may never admit she needs one, but she does.
  5. Turn the House Upside-Down: Moms everywhere are the primary cleaners in the house – it’s a fact. There have been stories, nay legends, of Dads who help tidy, but we think this may be a myth. Call local cleaning companies and ask for a one-time rate. Take the kids and your wife out for a picnic in the park on Mother’s Day and surprise her with a sparkling abode when she gets home. She’ll be very grateful, and you still won’t have to lift a finger (other than to hand over the credit card.)

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be predictable and it doesn’t have to be a scramble. Do something extravagant this year and knock her socks off with an original (and easy) gift. She deserves it.

Lilly Gordon is a freelance author and web publisher (and a wife and Mother of two.) She works for Edmonton greenhouses on container gardening ideas. She appreciates extravagant gifts of Spa days and housecleaning, and has already sent this article to her husband.