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Best sexual positions to have a baby – Tips and advice

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 16-05-2007

Couples who are trying to have a baby should realize that it’s not the frequency of sex that matters, nor is there one secret ‘best’ sexual position that can guarantee magical results. The simple goal is to deposit the semen as near to the cervix as possible.

The following are some best sexual positions to help you achieve better results:

The Missionary: This is a traditional position with the man on top. It’s face-to-face, so there is greater control and intimacy. This is the best sexual position too deposit your sperm right at the entrance of your partner’s cervix.

Tip: Placing a pillow under your partner’s hips can increase her chances of getting pregnant. All she has to do is tilt her hips and gravity will take care of the rest: the sperm will automatically slide its way to the cervix if she holds still for around 30 minutes after intercourse.

Hands and knees: Another of the best sexual positions is the one commonly called ‘Doggy Style.’ The name may sound funny but this position will allow for deeper penetration (and according to some connoisseurs, more satisfying orgasms). It involves your partner getting down on her knees (on the bed of course) while you enter her from behind. This position is easier if your partner has a tipped or tilted uterus. It gives the sperm a better way to travel to the cervix.

Spooning: This is a favorite among couples for slow and easy going sex. Imagine spoons lying in a drawer and you’ll get the idea. Lie side by side with your partner and enter as you caress her from behind. After ejaculation, use a pillow under your partner’s hips to keep your sperm close to your partner’s cervix.

What positions won’t help…

  • Woman on top: The sperm has just one way to go: up! So it’s going to slide right out once you separate. But you can ask your partner to flip over after ejaculation without separating and place the pillow to elevate her hips; this might help the sperm slide into the cervix.
  • Standing: This position may be enjoyable but has the same problem as above.