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Natural Induction

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 10-04-2007

This is the week your spouse is due for delivery. However, there is every possibility that she has already given birth, or may not do so until next week. Due date predictions are not very accurate.

If your spouse’s pregnancy extends beyond her due date, her doctor may decide to induce labor. In fact, there some everyday activities, natural labor inducers, that are popularly believed to induce labor. None of these natural labor inducers are medically proven to work. But, if nothing else has helped, there may be no harm in trying one of these. However, do consult your spouse’s doctor first if you intend to try any of these natural labor inducers.

  • Spicy food: This is a popular method of natural labor induction. Certain spices such as cumin are especially considered effective in stimulating the onset of labor.
  • Walking: Walking is another simple and pleasurable method of natural labor induction. It helps push the baby deeper into the pelvis. It helps to make the contractions, once they have started, more regular. This way it can encourage labor to progress smoothly.
  • Sex: Sex is also a natural labor inducer. Natural prostaglandins found in semen help to stimulate the cervix in and prepare it for delivery. Additionally, oxytocin released when the woman experiences orgasms can also trigger labor contractions. It is better to consult the doctor before having sex at this stage of the pregnancy.
  • Castor oil: While not very pleasant to taste, castor oil is another natural labor inducer. Swallowing castor oil can induce labor by causing the colon to start contracting, which can then trigger contractions in the uterus.

  • Stimulating the nipples: Your spouse should never try this method unless under the supervision of her doctor. While this is an effective method of natural labor induction, it could prove harmful if overdone.