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Show your spouse you care

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 21-09-2006

With an expanding waistline and hormones going completely crazy, it is natural for the expectant mom to feel insecure. At a time like this it is up to you, as the partner, to step in and make her feel loved and adored. There are a number of ways to do this.


  • Giving her a massage: Pregnancy is often attended by unpleasant sensations, stiff joints, and painful swellings. Giving her a gentle massage is one way you can make her feel better after a particularly hard day.

  • Helping with the housework: At this stage in her life, your spouse will really appreciate the opportunity for some rest. Lightening her burden, by taking on some of her chores, will tell her how much you love her.

  • Making her feel special: Your spouse’s pregnancy may have completely unsettled the rhythm of her life. As the pregnancy advances, she may be forced to spend more time at home. You can make her feel special by buying her flowers or chocolates. Playing her favorite music or redecorating the bedroom are other ways in which you can lighten her spirits.

  • Informing yourself on pregnancy and your new baby:   Now is the time for you to show that you’re more than just the reason she’s pregnant; you’re in it for the long haul. Buy or borrow books on pregnancy that you can read together, or read some dad-oriented books yourself, such as Pickles and Ice Cream: A Father’s Guide to Pregnancy, or Every Guy’s Guide as to What To Expect When She’s Expecting,  so you can speak intelligently on the subject.

  • Complimenting her looks: It is quite natural for a woman to feel insecure about herself during her pregnancy. With her rapidly expanding figure, she may start having serious doubts about whether you, her husband, still love her just as much as before. Telling her that she looks great will reassure her and put her at ease. In fact this phase, when both of you are eagerly awaiting the birth of your child, can be a great time for bonding. Be aware that in her more vulnerable and less mobile condition, you owe her the constant reassurance that you’re there for her. Jokes or statements to the contrary may bring tears or worse. Be doubly thankful at this time that you’re not carrying a baby in your stomach.

  • Taking her out: There are a number of ways in which you can break the routine of her life and her growing claustrophobia. Take her out to a movie or to a concert. Plan a shopping trip or treat her to a romantic dinner. One caveat: make sure you have a getaway plan if she gets uncomfortable and plan for easy bathroom breaks.