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Your changing sex life – Getting your pregnant wife into the mood for love

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 08-05-2007

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It’s never easy to understand women when it comes to sex and they often experience changes in their sexual drives when they’re pregnant: some pregnant wives claim to feel sexier than ever while others feel nauseated just thinking about the act. That said, you should know what to do with the desire when it arrives.

Sex opens up many pathways of communication between couples. And don’t forget: women love to be reassured and seduced, especially when they are feeling bloated and uneasy about their bodies. It’s the fact that you love her in spite of the facts of her appearance which is truly touching for a woman.

Here are a few strategies to make your pregnant wife fall in love with you again:

  • Dinner with flowers: Nothing says you love your woman more than an average pizza and apple pie served by a waiter. If you can order out from your pregnant wife’s favorite restaurant, that will be bliss itself. Consider this a major part of the foreplay. On the other hand, if eating out is a constant thing for you, actually making her dinner yourself may be the required angle here. Romance is done around the dinner table, so figure out what will be the big mood changer for your pregnant wife.

  • Spice it up: In case you’re wondering, here’s what you do with the flowers. The idea is to lay out your bedroom with petals and flowers, put on some Marvin Gaye, and do a little dance—who knows? Your pregnant wife might appreciate the comical element.

  • The main course: Presuming that you have already allayed her fears about sex, you may now proceed with the main course. Lay your pregnant wife on her back gently and caress her with the tip of your fingers. A massage is not a bad idea provided it doesn’t put her to sleep.

  • The right stuff: Use a love-making position that is comfortable, one that doesn’t put pressure on her abdomen. Be gentle and loving.

  • Plan B: If your pregnant wife is uncomfortable with regular intercourse (because of fears for the baby or other discomfort), you might hint at oral sex (for her, not you, dummy. You just have to hope an even trade might be part of the bargain.)

Things to avoid

  • Don’t get hasty. Work up to things slowly. Don’t be inconsistent with your responses to her body. This will be a sure turn off for your wife, pregnant or not.

  • Don’t try too hard. If she’s been suffering from cramps and aches, it’s best to just give her a massage and tuck her into bed. Believe us when we say you will get no points for being whiny with a pregnant wife about your rotten sex life.

  • Don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. It’s always your pregnant wife’s prerogative to say “no.”

  • Avoid the missionary position when you make love since this can put too much pressure on your pregnant wife’s stomach.