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Babysitter Games for Kids

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 21-01-2009

Babysitter Games for Kids

Babysitting is a job that requires endless energy. Either you keep the kids occupied or they keep you on your toes. Keeping them occupied is not so simple, however. Kids lose interest in a toy or an activity sooner than you think. Moreover, boredom makes kids whiny and irritable. Babysitter games come in handy here. There are plenty of such babysitter games and activities, which are interactive, educative, and fun.

If you are taking care of more than one child, the following group activities can be organized.

•    Red Light, Green Light: Traffic rules can be taught early through this babysitter game. One child stands with arms outstretched and gives red and green light signals which have to be followed by the rest standing at the other end. Children are required to run on a green signal and freeze on a red signal.

•    Duck Duck Goose: The kids are made to sit in a circle. One child walks around tapping each one’s head saying duck or goose. On “goose,” the child tapped (goose) must run after the tapper around the circle and reach his seat before the tapper; else, the kid will have to sit in the middle of the circle.

•    Hide and Seek: One child searches the rest who hide within a defined area. The kid found first searches the rest and the game continues until all the children are found.

•    Treasure Hunt: A popular babysitter game for kids above the age of three, it involves hunting for a treasure (any object) in a defined area. The child who finds it first wins. You can make it even more interesting by giving clues.

There are some babysitter games which can be played in groups or even with a single child.  

•    Simon Says: In this game, “Simon” gives instructions and everyone follows. Whoever fails to follows the commands is ousted and the most accurate player wins.

•    Paper Bag Guess: Familiar objects in the house are collected in a bag and the children take turns feeling the object and guessing what is it.

•    Silly Faces: Funny faces make kids laugh no end. Ask the kids to stand in front of the mirror and let them make scary, happy, sad, and crazy faces.

•    Food Creations: Lunch time can be playtime also. Use fruits and other healthy foods to create interesting shapes and lifelike characters. You can make the kids eat by amusing them at the same time. Involving older kids can be even more enjoyable.