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How to be a Great Grandparent

Grandparents are either adored or shunned. Some families love having their grandparents around and some families do everything they can to avoid them. Fortunately there are a few clear things you can do as a grandparent to be one that is deeply valued and thus invited back again and again. This week’s video shares three ways that make a real di ...read more


Postpartum Depression – How Dads Can Really Help

Postpartum depression is horrific. It takes what is supposed to be one of life’s greatest joys and smothers it in misery. Being partnered to someone going through PPD is its own nightmare. We can easily find ourselves resenting our partner, feeling angry and even regretting having a child. Unfortunately, our natural responses to such a painful ...read more


Porn. Are Your Kids Protected?!

Say what you will about porn, there is no question about how bad it is when our kids view it. Shockingly, I can't tell you how many really conscious parents I know who aren't protecting their kids from the plethora of extremely available online pornography. As a psychotherapist, I see so many people who are really suffering with porn add ...read more

Be careful when shopping for your Christmas tree

What happened to us after we chose our tree shocked us, but we hear it’s not all that uncommon. We always shop for our tree as a family, from the early days when smaller members had to be carried into the tree lot. Now they bound around out of sight, but it’s still a family ritual. To avoid frayed nerves, we only go tree shopping and plan for n ...read more

Why Our First Family Road Trip Didn’t Go According To Plan

The trip would take over two hours, according to MapQuest, deep into an area of a Pennsylvania I never planned to visit unless forced by gunpoint or on some reality adventure show like The Amazing Race. I wasn't sure what would be so amazing about the middle of the Keystone state as far as a reality show is concerned. Frankly, I’d be a little pis ...read more


How To Have A Baby And Still Have Sex

Sex is a wonderful way to deeply connect and play. But babies can kill your sex life! And left unchecked this can destroy your relationship. Here are 6 things that can help you survive and even thrive through these early times.    Our sex lives really take a beating when we have our first child. If we do not respond constructively to ...read more


Wife Love your Baby More Than You?

There's a horrible dark side to having a baby. It's supposed to be a wonderful experience of joy and love, but for far too many men it marks the end of their loving relationship with their wives. New moms are appropriately wired to become obsessed with their babies, but if we just stand back in our experience of being replaced, things can become m ...read more


Men’s Emotions & Why We Don’t Share Them

There are so many wrong ideas out there about men's emotions. So often we are seen as emotionally incompetent and poor at sharing our feelings. Sadly, men often feel this way about themselves as well. In reality, men aren't primarily lacking in emotional intelligence, it's our society and each of us as members of this culture that are faili ...read more

Here’s The Typical Day At An Indoor Mall Playground

“Welcome to organized chaos,” said an older gentleman who probably served in at least one major war. He was definitely a veteran of this type of exercise. In his years he’d probably seen much worse. The look on my face must have reminded him of a soldier in his own platoon, knee deep in battle for the first time, shell shocked, overwhelmed ...read more


3 Ways Gay Men make Better Dads

Gay parents aren't restrained by the same societal norms that quietly push straight parents into confined ruts of conditioned patterns. Freed of these constraints, they typically do a number of things that make for a more thriving family. Here are 3 of the ways that we can learn from their experience. Read it below if you prefer. Watch ...read more

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