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Kids may not always tell the truth

Dealing with Lying: Stopping it Early

Let's face it. Kids are going to lie to you from time to time.They lie about cleaning their room. They lie about who started a fight. They lie about eating their vegetables when you can clearly see them on the floor.Personally, my younger self blamed everything that went wrong on an Alligator in red sneakers. My childhood mind apparently thoug ...read more

Follow good social media habits

Top 6 Rules For Social Media Now That You’re A Dad

Social media networks are everywhere - with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. They can be a great way to keep track of friends and colleagues, share pictures, or just to vent about how much of a pain traffic has been this week.But when you're a Dad, there's an added layer of thought that needs to go into your social me ...read more

Making pets kids' responsibility.

Kids and Pets: Making it THEIR Responsibility

"I want a puppy (or kitty/pony)"Whatever variation that will eventually come out of my daughter's mouth, those four words are among the most dreaded fatherhood milestones.It's also personal, because I wanted a dog growing up - as did my father - but my mother didn't. Mom won. I don't want my daughter her to feel like I ...read more

Choosing the right daycare center

Choosing the Right Daycare Center

Right now, my wife's on maternity leave with our daughter, and while we have some help coming from in-laws, in the next couple months we're going to need to answer the ever-worrisome family planning question about daycare. In a perfect world, my wife and I wouldn't even have to worry about daycare. However, like many families, neither one of us ...read more

Build self-esteem in children.

Building Proper Self Esteem

A child's self-esteem is one of the most valuable aspects of their social development, and a crucial part of fatherhood. It helps them build confidence as they grow older, and allows them to work through life's difficulties easier.That being said, however, I also recognize that there's a very fine line between creating healthy levels ...read more


How to be a Great Dad

Parenting doesn't have to be so hard. So often Dads are second class parents, Moms are overburdened and the relationship has lost its joy. It doesn't have to be this way. Full Frontal Fatherhood is not just an effort to help men be better Dads, it's a concise formula to unravel the matrix of the disempowered modern family. This week's v ...read more

Life Changes After Children

Everyone always says “Once you become a Dad, your life is going to change forever.”  In my case, I thought, “Oh, come on!  How much could it change?” A lot. Four children later, I ‘m here to tell you that life definitely changes after children and here are the type of changes a Dad can expect.  They are all wonderful.  Or, at le ...read more

5 Keys to Fantastic Fatherhood

  Fatherhood has brought me to my knees over and over. My kid came close to destroying my relationship and life. As a marriage & family therapist, I see it happen all the time. Fortunately, my wife & I had some clue of the immense challenge that was coming and did a number of things that really made all the difference. ...read more

Using games for learning

Using Games for Learning (In Ways Kids Will Like)

An important part of any child's development is the idea of play. There have been numerous scientific studies that suggest continued play has a crucial role in the development of language skills as well as academic achievement. While we won't get too deep into the research data here, if you want to learn more of the science of childr ...read more

Preparing for when you child can beat you in sports

Winning and Losing: Preparing for the day your child can beat you in sports

Both my wife and I are huge sports fans. So it goes without saying that we're at the very least going to see if our daughter is interested in sports as she grows older. If she doesn't like them, oh well. But I've always looked forward to a time when I could be her basketball or softball coach, and create that father and daughter bond ...read more

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