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3 Ways Gay Men make Better Dads

Gay parents aren't restrained by the same societal norms that quietly push straight parents into confined ruts of conditioned patterns. Freed of these constraints, they typically do a number of things that make for a more thriving family. Here are 3 of the ways that we can learn from their experience. Read it below if you prefer. Watch ...read more


No Dad! I want MOM!

I hated hearing these words from my daughter. But sometimes our kids really don't want us and all they want is mom. It's a really horrible feeling to be so thoroughly rejected by someone we love so much. Unfortunately, our responses to these painful moments often make it much worse and can even devastate our relationships with our children. ...read more


1 Key to being a Great Dad

We see so many bad examples of what it means to be a dad these days. So many depictions of us bumbling through parenthood being disengaged or absent. Sometimes we see amazing examples of powerful dads that bring tears to our eyes. There is one key thing these fathers consistently do that makes them such amazing men. Fortunately, it's somet ...read more

Vacation Is All I’ve Never Wanted

My mother and father constantly disagreed on the perfect time to end family vacations. My mother attempted to squeeze every last ray of ultraviolet out of the most powerful tanning bed, begging to hit the road late on Sunday. My father, ever impatient, wanted tires to road after breakfast to at least get half a day back at the homestead to prepa ...read more


Why Modern Families Struggle & how Dads are Key

Having kids is supposed to be one of life's greatest joys! But for most of us, having a family is a remarkably tough experience. So often we find ourselves stressed, exhausted, fighting with our partner, and not experiencing the love and joy that family life can be. The love often withers in the face of the difficulty as we are left co-parent ...read more

The mantra you need to create as a new dad

My kids are now 11 and 15 and pregnancy, delivery and infancy are increasingly dim memories. What strikes me now even more than it did at the time is the poignancy of adage, “The days are long and the years are short.” A new baby (or babies) will stretch you and your marriage to the breaking point if you let it. One piece of advice: Find a ...read more

Is telling your kid to 'man up' a copout?

Is telling your kid to ‘man up’ a cop​-out?

If you grew up with a father who wasn't very emotional, odds are you try to raise your sons the same way. After all, there's a strong cultural push for boys to be the strong, silent types. However, you might want to consider who your son is before raising him in some predetermined way. Even if you were raised to be tough, you shouldn't tell your ...read more

Bellagio fountains

Think Vegas is Just for Adults? Think again

When you're thinking about family-friendly vacation destinations, Las Vegas probably isn't the first (or second, third or 15th) location on your list.Rather than inspiring touching memories of fatherhood, Las Vegas likely calls to mind gambling, showgirls, alcohol and Mike Tyson with a tiger. While, yes, most of those things can defi ...read more

Daytona International Speedway

Top 4 Things Near Orlando That Aren’t Theme Parks

If your kids are old enough, the mere mention of Orlando inspires a wave of pleading and "I want to go to Disney World" discussions. So know now that you're probably going to end up spending time with Mickey. You'll survive.There are several other theme parks in Orlando too, and they all have their perks - but between the parkin ...read more


1 Step for Dads to Foster more Sex

Sex is wonderful. It's our way to play, love, connect and savor one another. But having kids kills our sex lives and even our motivation, especially for moms. Without these moments of real bonding, the crazy challenge of parenting gets debilitatingly harder. Unfortunately, us men don't handle the lack of sex well and we often make the situ ...read more

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