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What Dads Really want for Father’s Day (It’s not an Apple Watch!)

You are right that most of us men love a new toy for Father's Day. And yes a nice 'lap kiss' can make our day! BUT that isn't what we deeply desire. Knowing what your partner truly wants and how to give it to them is a key step in supporting your family to thrive. Of course it's hard to do that on a consistent basis and that's why Father's Da ...read more

Find time for date night.

Secrets to Alone Time

Once your child is born, it doesn't take long for you to realize that the concept of free time is now a thing of the past.Unfortunately, you need that time to help keep yourself sane. After all, a dad who is present - but totally burnt out - isn't going to be very helpful.Here are some tips to carve out the time that you need.Make Sure Sp ...read more


Miscarriages. How to be the Man in these Moments

Miscarriages suck! They are a horrific experience that no one warns you about, that happen in the midst of what’s supposed to be one of life's most beautiful and joyful moments. Unfortunately, few men know how to handle these extremely challenging experiences. They’re devastating and can have a horrible impact on our family if we don’t ...read more

Kids may not always want vegetables.

Kid a Picky Eater? Try These Ideas

No one can accuse me of being a picky eater. I like everything.My sister, however, has always been the opposite. At first she didn't like vegetables, and made my parents make chicken tenders for her every night. When she became a teenager, she changed gears entirely and became a vegetarian.While she's back to eating bacon and chicken agai ...read more

Kids craft items are always a Mother's Day staple.

Mother’s Day Surprises From You AND the Kids

Mother's Day is coming... Did you lose track of it too?If you haven't thought about what you are going to get for the lady in your life, you probably should- otherwise you'll be buying a half-dead bouquet of flowers from the gas station and hunting for a  greeting card that doesn't congratulate the reader on their recent gr ...read more

Choosing the right schools

How To Find a Good School

As soon as my baby girl started to smile, my mind started racing ahead toward college funds. School is important, and being in a good district was a big family planning decision when my wife and I moved where we did two years ago.Choosing a school is so much more than test scores (although you should review those too!). Because my wife works in edu ...read more


How to Deal with Your Anger

Anger happens. Being a dad is crazy making! Unfortunately, what we do in those moments can have a truly detrimental affect on our family and our kids. But if we know how to master these intense feelings, we can regain control and be the loving dad we all want to be. Here are 4 concrete steps to turning the corner. Watch more videos at www. ...read more

Kids may not always tell the truth

Dealing with Lying: Stopping it Early

Let's face it. Kids are going to lie to you from time to time.They lie about cleaning their room. They lie about who started a fight. They lie about eating their vegetables when you can clearly see them on the floor.Personally, my younger self blamed everything that went wrong on an Alligator in red sneakers. My childhood mind apparently thoug ...read more

Follow good social media habits

Top 6 Rules For Social Media Now That You’re A Dad

Social media networks are everywhere - with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. They can be a great way to keep track of friends and colleagues, share pictures, or just to vent about how much of a pain traffic has been this week.But when you're a Dad, there's an added layer of thought that needs to go into your social me ...read more

Making pets kids' responsibility.

Kids and Pets: Making it THEIR Responsibility

"I want a puppy (or kitty/pony)"Whatever variation that will eventually come out of my daughter's mouth, those four words are among the most dreaded fatherhood milestones.It's also personal, because I wanted a dog growing up - as did my father - but my mother didn't. Mom won. I don't want my daughter her to feel like I ...read more

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