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Prince Lionheart weePOD Toilet Trainer

[caption id="attachment_2435" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The weePOD is easy to use and easy to clean. "][/caption] We’re in full-on potty training mode with our two and a half year old and have been using the Prince Lionheart wee POD Toilet Trainer in one bathroom as well as a free standing training potty in our other bathroom. ...read more

Review: Bambino Mio Cloth Diapers

We've always used disposable diapers, but for our youngest, we had heard good things about the Bambino Mio cloth diapers and decided to give it a try. Bambino Mio Cloth Diapering System This is my kind of cloth diaper. They were easy to use - just a cloth diaper to fold (there is a boy/girl fold) and insert into a cover, along with a disposable lin ...read more

8 reasons for cloth diapering

Usually, I don't like to copy/paste reasons for doing anything from a manufacturer. However, these reasons just seem so obvious that they merit posting. More and more parents are turning to cloth diapers for the benefits they provide to their baby and their baby’s environment. Full disclosure, we did NOT cloth-diaper our babies. We bought into th ...read more

Choosing Quality Daycare for Your Child

P { margin: 0px; } The right daycare center is important to ensure your child's safety and well-being. While quite a few daycare centers are good, others are not. It is therefore important to select a center where you can be sure that your child will be well looked after. Here is how you can select a good daycare center for your child: Deter ...read more

How Can You Discipline Your Child Gently?

P { margin: 0px; } As children grow and explore newer activities, it becomes necessary to exercise at least some level of authority over them. Parents need to teach their toddlers to accept authority when it is communicated to them. The trick to disciplining your toddler is to be firm, yet gentle. Remember, you are doing it for your toddler’s ...read more

How to Care for Your One Year Old Toddler

P { margin: 0px; } At one year old, your child has achieved a major milestone. As they grow older, babies develop dietary and other needs to support their physical and mental development. This age is also marked by increasingly inquisitive behavior. Over the coming year, parents may need to take extra care to protect their children from danger. ...read more

How Easy Is it to Improve Your Baby’s Table Manners?

P { margin: 0px; } Babies can act like cavemen at the dinner table and be perfect savages even at their own birthday party. They will do it when they are angry; they do it to show their love. Reasons aside, teaching them proper table manners will be the first step towards the lifelong discipline and etiquette that should sooner—not later—be ...read more

Potty Training shopping list

  If you're planning to jump into toilet training, make sure you have the necessary tools to get the process going. Of course, nothing more than a clean toilet is required, but moms and dads have found the following items useful as they take the big step. New underpants - throw out the pull-ups. Training kids need to "feel the wet." ...read more

The NAKED CHILD APPROACH to toilet training

  // Another commonly cited approach involves keeping a child naked as much as possible for several days in a row. The philosophy behind this approach assumes children do not like to be wet and loose control of their urine. Variants of this approach allow the child to be in underwear but require the child to wear the wet ...read more

Eight Tips on Buying a Potty Chair

Sturdy- The chair must be able to be climbed on, be stood on, and be sat on without tipping over. Collection Device- The best waste collector is large and easily removed to avoid spilling. Arm Rests- These should generally be avoided since they allow the chair to tip. Removable Seats- Potties with removable seats that adapt to a regula ...read more

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