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Helping Your Baby To Fall Asleep

Author GreatDad Writers
Submitted 02-11-2007

Many four-month-old babies sleep through the night. They go
between deep and light sleep several times.

  • A baby in light sleep may cry out. She may move around in bed. This
    may wake her up. As she cries and moves around, she gets upset. She
    will settle herself if she has a way to comfort herself. She may comfort
    herself by sucking her thumb or holding a blanket. Or she may get into
    a comfortable position, which will also settle her down.
  • Some babies have more trouble settling down than others do. Going to
    bed at the same time each night will help her settle down. Keep the
    house quiet. Loud TV or music may keep your baby awake.
  • To help your baby to relax, you can give her a warm bath, massage her
    or rock her. Reading or singing to her may also help her settle down.
    Don’t rush to her if she starts to cry. She may calm down after a few
    minutes and fall asleep on her own. If she continues to cry, pick her up.
  • Always place the same baby-safe soft doll or stuffed animal in your baby’s
    crib when it is time for sleep. She will learn to connect the stuffed toy
    with falling asleep.
  • You can sing to your baby at bedtime. Put her to bed before she is completely
    asleep. Then stay beside her and pat her calmly. This can help
    set a good pattern for going to sleep.
  • What your baby does during the day can affect her at night. If she had too
    much excitement during the day, she may not sleep through the night. It
    may take several days for her to get back to her usual sleeping pattern.

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