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Welcome to, the only online parenting resource with dads' point of view. Read up on tips and news on better parenting for your kids of any age because Dads don?t always think like Moms.
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Father's Day - Tribute to dads 

Dads spend their lives thinking about their families. They slog hard at work so that they can bring home the bacon. They allow their own preferences to play second fiddle to others at home...    Read more»

Funny and Insightful Father's Day Quotes 

Looking for that perfect quote to include in a homemade Father's Day card for dear ol' dad? You will find a collection of inspiring, witty, thought-provoking, sentimental, and sweet quotes to help you express how you feel towards that special man on his special day...

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Daddy's Home - Change of Topic 

Daddy's Home is a humorous commentary on today's family life, with an emphasis on the role of the modern father, through the eyes of a stay-at-home-dad.
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Featured Contributor
While it's always great to get your kids the toys at the top of their wish lists, I've always look for gifts that allow my kids and I to share an experience together. Whether it.s games, activities or sports toys, I always enjoy that time where I can play with my kids and we'd both enjoy sharing the experience.Toys have changed through the years, but the way kids play hasn't.Although today's kids are surrounded by iPads, iPods and cell phones, they still play in similar ways that we did growing up; the technology is just a little more advanced. Here's a list of new toys that today's kids and fathers will enjoy playing together.