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Hospitals across the country offering boot camp for new dads

For many soon-to-be dads, welcoming a son or daughter into the world is as overwhelming as it is rewarding. But, new dads who are worried about their fathering skill sets can take advantage of a new program appearing in 50 hospitals across the country that aims to better prepare fathers-to-be for the road ahead.

The so-called Boot Camp for Dads was created by Greg Bishop, and it provides men with a helpful guide, BabyCenter.com reports. By allaying any early fears, Bishop hopes that his courses will allow new dads to be involved in caring for their children from the beginning.

According to Bishop, his course touches on a number of areas relevant to new dads. For one, being patient and positive is key, with both your new baby and your wife (who may be a bit overwhelmed herself). Additionally, fathers should not hesitate to handle their new babies.

"No matter what happened during pregnancy – whether or not you played Mozart to the fetus – the rubber hits the road when the baby is born," he told the website. "Jump in now – the more you do with your baby, the quicker you'll bond."

As a final caveat, Bishop reminds attendees that while there will assuredly be frustrating moments, they will pass, and that dads should relax and enjoy spending time with their child.  

Fathers: Surprising things that may be killing your sperm

While there are a number of myths floating around about sperm killers, such as the merits of briefs instead of boxers, it turns out that some concerns may be justified. There are a number of every day items that may be killing dads sperm, Prevention Magazine reports, and they're not what everyone might think.

Handling receipts is a necessary part of living day-to-day. Whether you're going grocery shopping, grabbing a beer after work or taking your kids to the latest 3D flick, you're likely to be handling the slippery white slips. However, around 40 percent of receipts are coated with bispheonal-A (BPA), which has been linked to certain fertility problems, and recent studies indicate that men with more BPA in their urine have lower sperm counts.

Though collecting receipts can be avoidable, taking a shower isn't, and according to the publication certain shower-related products can be harmful. Some scented soaps, shampoos and vinyl shower curtains can emit harmful phthalates.

Heated car seats have turned miserable mid-winter mornings into something more tolerable, but these luxurious heaters could impact your fertility as well. The direct heat from the seats could effectively kill sperm. Instead, experts suggest turning up your auto's central heat and letting it circulate.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around one-third of cases of infertility can be traced back to the male partner.

Top 3 ways dads can keep kids occupied on a road trip

There are some things that dads take pride in above anything else. Having the ability to grow a robust beard, cultivating a musky scent and possessing an authoritative handshake are all points of emphasis. But, nothing is more important than executing the perfect road trip. Making that three hour trip in just under two and a half is something you can brag about.

But what about dads with young kids? The constant "are we there yets" and stops for the bathroom could throw a wrench in even the most finely laid road trip plans. But there are several ways to keep your kids quiet and have you completing another successful journey.

1. Classic road trip games. Some things stand the test of time. If Jaws, the music of The Who and that sweat-stained, ripped Yankees hat still mean something to you, so should activities such as the license plate game. And, in addition to making you feel content and nostalgic, keeping your kids occupied by looking for a Hawaii license plate in the middle of Pennsylvania will keep them out of your hair.

2. Plenty of books. Nothing says quiet like books, and there are certainly plenty of titles that will keep your kids occupied. Where's Waldo, coloring books, or I Spy, will keep them engaged. If your kids are too little to read, consider investing in books on tape.

3. Portable DVD players. These devices are your best friend. The peace and quiet will be worth whatever price you pay. Throw in Muppet Treasure Island and let Kermit and Miss Piggy whisk your kids away. 

Three ways to ruin your daughter’s Valentine’s Day

For dads who have girls, Valentine's Day is another chance to shower their there daughters with affection. But, sooner or later, some punk from school is going to come along and try to romance your little girl. As a father, it's your responsibility to do everything in your power to prevent this young romance from blossoming.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of three ways to ruin Valentines Day for your daughter.

1. Become friends with her boyfriend. Sure, he reminds you of yourself when you were 15-years-old (which is troubling for several reasons). But, if you really want your daughter to lose interest, simply approve of him. We promise, his appeal will soon fade if you claim he's "great!" and ask him over to play some Wii. But, if this approach fails, a subtle "don't touch my daughter" nod will be appropriate.

2. Follow them on their date. You want to make sure there's no funny stuff going on while they're out to dinner? Tail them in the minivan, request a table right next to theirs, and suggest getting ice cream together on the way home.

3. Take her out yourself. If your daughter's upset that she doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day, there's only one way to make the situation worse: insist on taking her out yourself. While you may want to go a movie with your daughter just like old times, we promise that a Disney movie and twizzlers are no longer her idea of a fun night out.  

Study: Infants treated with antibiotics more likely to develop asthma

Results of a recent study indicate that parents may want to be wary when giving their young children antibiotics. Scientists from Yale University have found that kids who received antibiotics before they're 6 months old are significantly more likely to develop asthma and allergies by the age of 6, The Boston Globe reports.

The research was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, and focused on more than 1,400 children. The study found that even one dose of antibiotics can raise a child's risk of asthma by as much as 40 percent, and those who received multiple rounds had a 70 percent risk.

While this is not the first study that has shown a link between antibiotics and asthma, many critics have questioned the findings on the grounds that the medications were administered to treat respiratory ailments that might have lead to asthma. However, as a result of their findings, the authors suggest avoiding antibiotic use in infants unless absolutely necessary.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are currently around 7.1 million children suffering from asthma in the United States.