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Mustaches abound as Movember comes to a close

Some may call it No Shave November, while others prefer Novembeared, but a number of men are choosing to grow out their mustache instead. While the so-called Movember is a chance for men to showcase their finest facial pruning techniques, it also serves to raise awareness of men’s health issues.Perhaps the greatest health concern among men is ...read more

Top five must have gadgets for dads

Although electronic devices offer users plenty of advantages, the endless sea of technology can be overwhelming. Some dads could use some guidance as to what gadgets may be best, which is why we've decided to compile a list of the five best devices for 21st century dads. 1. Amazon's Kindle. If you're tired of endlessly searching for tha ...read more

Top 3 ways to ruin your daughters “sexy” Halloween costume

Halloween: A father's worst nightmare. When you were a kid, Halloween costumes were always homemade and usually involved your dad's clothing, tin foil and duct tape. (Maybe even your mom's clothing. No judgment here.)These days, the weeks leading up to the big night involve spending long hours at specialty stores in the mall and browsin ...read more

Top 5 tips for dads on date night

You spend the week behind the desk, behind the wheel and behind on your bills. You and your wife have a well-established weekday working relationship that involves more negotiations than a hostage situation (didn't you clear the dinner table just last month?), and lately your idea of a romantic night involves leftover pizza and a peck on the ch ...read more

Top 3 ways to scare off your daughter’s boyfriends

It's every father's worst nightmare: a teenage daughter. You can't talk to her, look at her funny or address her in public without somehow screwing it up royally.And, to make things even worse, she's dating some snot-nosed punk. But, no need to worry. By employing a few simple techniques, you can ensure that all of her relationships ...read more

Top 4 “Don’ts” for fathers at the zoo

Although your kids will swear to you that there's nothing they hate more than school, chances are they're incredible restless and agitated during the long summer months. Let's be honest, there's only so much The Price Is Right you can watch before becoming you're completely disinterested in the price of Advil and are no longer outraged by the conte ...read more

Top 5 tips for dads at the beach

A trip to the beach is supposed to a time to simply relax and revel in the natural beauties of a vacant landscape. Facing the vast expanse of sand and sea, it's easy to just enjoy the sun on your face and forget about all of your responsibilities in the office buildings and homes that clutter your inland turf.Of course, not every trip to the beach ...read more

Top 3 ways to convince your children that camping is fun

Sadly, what you might think makes for an excellent family vacation may be met with scorn and glances that are far too harsh to befit the face of an 8-year-old. To you, museums are full of wondrous examples of the world around us. However, to a young child, they're full of places to get lost and for a middle schooler, they're full of lots of things ...read more

Top 5 ways to keep your kids busy this summer

There are a multitude of pleasures that come with the summer months: nice weather, shorter work hours, the joys of the baseball season. But if you're a father, the summer means you have the added responsibility of looking after your rambunctious kids.If you're like most dads, it can seem like the only thing your kids enjoy more than saying "I' ...read more

Top 4 ways to drop hints about Father’s Day gifts

Father's Day is right around the corner, and if your family is like most, they'll be slinking away over the next few days to pick up a last-minute gift for the man of the house. You might think that hasty Father's Day shopping means that your gift may not be as thought-out as you'd hoped, but at least you've got a few extra days to drop hints and c ...read more

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